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Summer Quilt quilting machine Automatic,Ultrasonic sewing and quilting machine
Technical Parameters
Equipment efficiency:10-30meters/min
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Product details

The ultrasonic summer quilt laminating machine is an automated equipment for producing hotel air-conditioning quilts and student summer quilts.
It uses the ultrasonic wireless sewing process to automatically emboss, slice, and seal the entire roll of raw materials (upper and lower fabrics + spray-coated cotton or fluffy cotton) required for the production of summer quilts.
The entire process is reasonably designed and runs smoothly. The fully automatic summer quilt forming machine can be automatically controlled by the program.
Compared with traditional manual sewing, the summer quilts made by the fully automatic summer quilt production equipment have clearer embossing, stronger sewing, stronger three-dimensional sense, more standardized operation, and higher efficiency and qualified rate.



 Widely used in: home textiles, clothing, sofa covers, car seat cushions, leather, car filter paper, reflective materials and other product fabrics, layer bonding.

Applicable productsbed sheets, bedspreads, pillowcases, quilt covers, sofa covers, clothing and soft bags, sleeping bags,

Ultrasonic summer cool quilt machine, fully automatic ultrasonic mattress quilting machine is a device that can produce various home textile fabrics such as mattresses, summer cool quilts, air conditioning quilts, non-woven insulation quilts, picnic mats, windproof quilts, etc.
Product features:
1. Short welding time, ultrasonic automatic stitching eliminates the need for frequent needle and thread changes, and the sewing speed is much faster than needle sewing. The width is determined by the customer;
2. There is no situation of broken needles remaining in the material during sewing processing, and there is no situation of broken thread joints in traditional thread sewing;
3. Strong adhesive strength, clear embossing, and three-dimensional relief sensation on the surface, making the product visually appealing;
4. By using roller molds, it is easy to change molds and can sew a wide range of complex discontinuous and symmetrical patterns. Various flower patterns can be developed according to customer needs;
5. This machine has a high degree of automation technology and humanized deviation correction function, which corrects various layers of materials and keeps the upper and lower materials aligned during stitching, resulting in low processing loss and smooth and stable products;
6. Easy to operate, fully automatic control of frequency regulation, torque motor, constant winding tension;

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