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Electric Blanket Making Machine Ultrasonic heated blanket machine
Voltage: 380V 50/60HZ
Weight: 2800kg
Dimension: 10000*2200*1900MM
Power: 15KW
Capacity: 1-3 meter/min
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Product details

Product Name
Automatic Heated Throw Blanket Machine
6 KW
Equipment efficiency
1. The production of the equipment is flexible and changeable, - the machine is multi-purpose, various specifications can be adjusted arbitrarily, the working range can reach 2000MM (customizable), and the equipment has 24-hour constant time and stable production;
2. Material positioning and wiring, no traditional pinhole wiring positioning is required, and the finished product grade will not be lowered due to pinholes;
3. One-button operation, which can realize the production of finished electric blankets of different specifications;
4. The combination of ultrasonic system and automatic process can produce electric blankets with different patterns according to user needs;
5. The depth of each electric blanket solder joint is similar, the tension is uniform, the line is not damaged, and the loss of raw materials is low." 

The ultrasonic electric blanket machine is an automatic wiring and dotting machine for electric blankets. It is an electric blanket production equipment independently developed by Haobang Machinery. It has been operating smoothly in multiple electric blanket production enterprises worldwide for many years, and the equipment is exported to countries and regions such as the United States, Italy, India, Belgium, Canada, South Korea, Poland, etc.

The characteristics of the electric blanket manufacturing machine are as follows:

1. A true automatic electric blanket production equipment with high efficiency. The designed equipment can simultaneously perform spot welding on one electric blanket, with an efficiency of 45-65 seconds per piece

2. The equipment production is flexible and versatile, with one machine for multiple purposes and multiple specifications that can be adjusted at will. The working range can reach up to 2300MM, and the equipment has 24-hour stable production.

3. Material positioning and wiring, eliminating the need for traditional pinhole wiring positioning, overcoming the lowering of finished product grade due to pinholes.

4. One click operation allows for self production of different specifications of electric blankets.

5. By combining ultrasonic system with automation, different patterns of electric blankets can be produced according to user needs.

6. Keep the welding depth of each electric blanket consistent, with even tension, without damaging the circuit, and with low raw material loss.

The electric blanket automatic dotting machine is an electric blanket equipment developed by Lihan Enterprise after years of technical research, independent research and development, and mature industry technology. This equipment has broken the anti monopoly of European and American technology and is now successfully operating smoothly in dozens of electric blanket production enterprises.

Technical parameters:

A. Processing specification: 2300mm long * 2000mm wide (customizable according to requirements)

B. Equipment specification: length 11000 * width 2800mm * 1800mm (three section combination)

C. Voltage: 380V

D. Air pressure: 7kg/cm2

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ADD: Building 2, No.16 Jingguan Road, Niushan, Dongcheng Street, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province,China

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