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Ultraosnic blanket machine, Electric Blanket Making Machine,warm blanket manufacturing machine
Voltage: 380V 50/60HZ
Weight: 2800kg
Dimension: 10000*2200*1900MM
Power: 15KW
Capacity: 1-3 pcs/min
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1. The production of the equipment is flexible and changeable, - the machine is multi-purpose, various specifications can be adjusted arbitrarily, the working range can reach 2000MM (customizable), and the equipment has 24-hour constant time and stable production;
2. Material positioning and wiring, no traditional pinhole wiring positioning is required, and the finished product grade will not be lowered due to pinholes;
3. One-button operation, which can realize the production of finished electric blankets of different specifications;
4. The combination of ultrasonic system and automatic process can produce electric blankets with different patterns according to user needs;
5. The depth of each electric blanket solder joint is similar, the tension is uniform, the line is not damaged, and the loss of raw materials is low. 


1: Are you manufacture or trade company?

A: Yes, We are manufacture, all machines is designed and manufactured by ourself, we provide customize service according to your requirement.

2: Can I put my Logo on the machines and finish products?

A: Yes, no problem, just send the artwork to us.

3: How long is the warranty period?

A: Our warranty is 1 years, and full life technology service.

4: How about the installation? Do you have after-sale service?

A: We will send professional technician to your country to install the machine and train your staff until they could operate the machine independently.

5: How long could we get your machine?

A: The standard machine in stock can be shipped within 10days, special machine required to be confirmed with the Pi of the delivery time.

6:Are we still need to install the machine after we get?

A: All of machines already testing ready, and all parameter is settled ok before we deliver to you, also we can send you video and manual to teach you how to use the machine.

7:Why should we choose your company

a) Machinery and equipment professional manufacture for 25 years. We could offer one-stop solution for you to run your project without difficulty.

b) Advanced technical support and strict quality management system.

c)A remote guidance sales service team to provide 24 hours online guidance services for engineers.

Related Product:

Fully automatic ultrasonic electric blanket sewing machine, this equipment automatically feeds and flattens materials, utilizes ultrasonic multi-point pressing, with clear patterns and strong stitching, Its stitching efficiency is high According to the calculation of specifications, the distance between welding points is controlled by PLC program and driven by servo motor, with high accuracy. Welding points can be customized according to customer requirements, and the mechanical stability is good. It has long-term mass production, while setting up empty positions for feeding, which can achieve the benefits of machine production of different materials. At the same time, it has the characteristics of low cost and convenience for replacing molds. It also has the characteristics of low cost and convenience for replacing molds The size of the hot blanket can be adjusted dynamically, and the solder joint pattern can be customized according to customer requirements.
Machine features:
1. Ultrasonic automatic edge pressing and stitching, the stitching is firm and beautiful without the need for needle and thread;
2. Adopting Haobang 20K3000W high-quality ultrasonic system, the equipment is stable and the quality is guaranteed;
3. The equipment is designed reasonably, with flat pressing surfaces and opposite edges, and the efficiency can be achieved;
4. Whole machine computer micro adjustment, high-quality PLC program console

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