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Automatic ultrasonic slitting machine,high speed fabric slitting machine
Machine No.: HB-FT192
Power: 1.8KW
Capacity: 10-30meter/min
Voltage: 220V
Machine Weight: 800KG
Machine Size: 2500*2200*1200mm
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Dongguan Haobang Automation Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 2016. It is a manufacturer focusing on the research and development and production of ultrasonic automation equipment. We have a 10,000 m² plant, a highly educated independent R&D team, and a number of technical invention patents.
We mainly produce ultrasonic mask machines, ultrasonic embossing laminating machines, ultrasonic slitting machines, ultrasonic electric blanket machines, ultrasonic facial mask machines, ultrasonic filter element rolling welding machines, ultrasonic harness welding machines, ultrasonic hand and foot mask machines, and various non-standard ultrasonic automation equipment. We are good at design and development to solve technical problems that our peers cannot solve.
We have provided more than 12,000 ultrasonic automation equipment with stable performance to domestic and foreign customers. We have won the trust of more than 1,000 companies with excellent performance and 24-hour free technical services! With the concept of "continuously creating value for customers and creating products that impress customers", we are committed to becoming a leading brand in China's ultrasonic automation equipment industry. We hope to have the honor to work with you to establish a long-term win-win partnership.

Product Name
Automatic ultrasonic slitting & cutting machine
Equipment efficiency
Machine Weight
Machine Size
1. The machine adopts air pressure cutting method to cut the cloth and automatically recover the roll.Cylinder control on and off the material coil, save time and effort, feeding coil magnetic powder control, easy to operate.Stable operation of equipment,accurate product cutting.
2. Use the light source automatic tracking rectifiers to cut, the sides according to the sealing of fabric to maximize the utilization rate of fabric.The equipment cutting knife is from German technology, durable and sharp.The cutting edge of fabric is straight without burr.
3. Fast cutting speed, 10-30 meters per minute.The cutting width is 20-1650mm in diameter. The width of the equipment can be customized according to the requirements of customers.
The equipment is suitable for home textile, clothing, leather, sanitary non-woven fabrics and other products.

Ultrasonic slitting and rewinding machine:

The width of this machine can be 0.6-3.2 meters. It can be used for center surface friction rewinding or up and down rewinding. The slitting specifications can be adjusted according to the width and thickness of the material. This machine adopts PLC intelligent control, automatic deviation correction from material unwinding, automatic edge sealing for slitting, automatic rewinding, full automation, automatic counting, automatic waste collection, loading and unloading, only one person is needed to operate, and the rewinding is smooth and neat, the slitting edges are not burnt, not hardened, no loose edges, no burrs, no discoloration. Widely used in: dust-free cloth, non-woven fabrics, dishcloths, curtain fabrics, towel cloths, glasses cloths, trademark stickers, lattice sheets, mop cloths and other cloth accessories slitting.

Slitting & Transverse Spray Cotton Cutting Vertical Ultrasonic Fabric Cutting Machine

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2. If any problems happen and you can not find out the solutions, Telecom or Online faceto face communication available with our technician group.

3. ICT engineers & technicians are available to send to your countries for services if youagree to pay the expenditure,when the covid-19 situation finished.

4. We provide fast response for the after sale service through online service or telephoneor video. lf you need any parts to change we will send it by fastest courier (DHL, FEDEXTNT OR UPS), our engineers will instruct you to fix it at any time.

5. The packing and anti-rusty treatment are important steps before shipment, our experi-enced engineer will check and take care for the machine packing so as to fit for seatransportation.

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